Who doesn’t love a powder day?

“White gold” is the substance that every person who flocks to a mountain town revolves our lives around. But by noon on a powder day, there isn’t much gold left over for everyone to strike it rich. For the most-dedicated enthusiasts, a better experience exists. Away from traffic jams and high-priced lift tickets, and where you never have to wait in lift lines. With endless untracked snow, the backcountry represents infinite snow quality, adventure, freedom, and possibilities. This is the last frontier. Where we go to push our limits. To discover the wonders of nature on our own terms. This is where we come to explore, discover, and share epic lives worth living. We are prospectors, seeking the next gold rush. And there is plenty of gold for everyone who seeks it out.

Our Mission

When you display a Backcountry United logo, you are supporting a brand that is working to build a sustainable future for the pursuits we love — by promoting awareness around the need for mutual respect between different backcountry user groups.

At BCU, we aim to spread awareness by promoting balanced mixed-use public land access; avalanche awareness and education, and social responsibility through collaborative efforts between backcountry users, influencers and brands. We believe that it’s time for all of us to come together with a common purpose to protect the access that we love. We are all connected within a few degrees of separation, via our mountain communities… So why shouldn’t we work together?

Right now is a defining moment in history—to spread the word and unite all of those who revolve our lives around the freedom that can only be experienced in the backcountry.

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No matter how you prefer to access the backcountry, the mountains connect us all.