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Randy Sherman sending in Alaska

Catching Up with Randy Sherman

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One of our biggest inspirations in snowmobiling, is Randy Sherman. Randy is a legend of big mountain snowmobiling, hailing from the Chugach of Alaska. Last spring Randy hooked up with pro snowboarder, John Jackson, in Valdez. John and Randy got to collaborate Backcountry United-style on episode 8 of the Book of John J, on Red Bull TV. Video link: https://youtu.be/oF8EyehQMVY Randy has been killin’ it, and we’re looking forward to what he has up his…

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snowboard rack for snowmobile

Kickin’ Off 2017 in Jackson Hole

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We had the awesome opportunity to hook up with BCU ambassador Cam Fitzpatrick, and get out on the snow with snowboard legends Mark Carter, Hana Beaman, and some guy named Travis something-or-other. Super fun day in the Tetons, breaking trail for the first time of the season into one of their top-secret zones. It was obviously very cool to get to ride with these guys with such perfect snow conditions. But it was also pretty…

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*Thank You Craig Kelly

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There have been many amazing athletes that have come and gone in the rise of this “so-called sport” of snowboarding. Countless names who have pushed the bar higher and upped the ante with style, speed, amplitude, attitude, flow, and even the type of terrain each rider has chosen as his or her canvas. When you consider all of these categories, many riders stand out—from modern-day heroes like Nicolas Mueller, Pat Moore, and Travis Rice, to…

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Making a Competitive Game of Avalanche Awareness

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With more and more of us getting into the backcountry, the need for Avalanche Awareness is at an all-time high. We learned about Backcountry Ascender when they announced it at Hay Days Grass Drags in North Branch, MN back in September. Brought together by ISMA ( International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association) the Backcountry Ascender program is a fun educational platform that pits friends and pros against one another for status on a points-based leaderboard. The website…

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FREERIDER Snowmobile Magazine Article – Backcountry United

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What does the backcountry mean to you? For most of us, our access to the freedom of the backcountry is a way of life. Follow the link below and turn to page 30. We got to collaborate with our friend Justin Befu, to tell a story of purpose and unity. We hope you enjoy the article! https://issuu.com/freeridermagazine/docs/freerider_snowmobile_magazine_09

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Know Before You Go – Avalanche awareness campaign

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Probably the greatest video content and campaign that has been created, to date, to get people to pay attention to avalanche dynamics – with a simple call to action to make sure you go into the backcountry prepared to recognize danger, and have the right gear and training. Check out http://kbyg.org/ and watch the video. Share it with your friends! https://vimeo.com/144545554

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Tronkyin – a short film by Adam Brummond & Friends

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The Inuit language has a very long list of words to describe many different versions and iterations of snow. (http://www.mendosa.com/snow.html) First of all, that’s just awesome. For a culture to revolve around snow so much that one word can’t suffice. There’s endless inspiration there, when you consider the many ways we can relate to the heavenly crystals that fall from the sky and bless our lives with a floating sensation. Tronkyin means “Last snow”, and…

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‘Mixed Use for the Win’ by Brandon Tudizzle Cox

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FREERIDER Magazine has been a great platform for many of us to contribute content about bringing backcountry users together, and also spread the word about the value of Public Land access. Without inclusive access, many of our beloved sports might cease to exist. In this little story, Tudizzle recounts an experience he had last season when he and his group came upon a couple of human-powered adventurers. A little respect goes a long way! Check…

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