Our Products

Through our first collaborative partnership with SKINZ Protective Gear, we have had the opportunity to share and develop innovative ideas with one of the leaders in the snowmobile aftermarket accessories industry.

As we gain momentum with these initial product offerings, we will expand with new refinements, and accessories aimed at giving skiers and snowboarders an optimal snowmobiling, and shuttling “doubling-up” experience.

Our goal is to exceed quality standards in function and durability, while delivering products that make riding the snowmobile with one or two riders, safer, more comfortable, more versatile, and more fun. We design products through a user experience approach, where utility meets ergonomics, and where we take into account all aspects of functionality through real life riding variables and scenarios.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the snowmobile manufacturers and the needs of the ski/snowboard/sledder “hybrid” rider.

Stay tuned for new partnerships with other influencers and leading manufacturers across ski, snowboard and snowmobile industries.

Thank you for your business.