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The Inuit language has a very long list of words to describe many different versions and iterations of snow. (http://www.mendosa.com/snow.html) First of all, that’s just awesome. For a culture to revolve around snow so much that one word can’t suffice. There’s endless inspiration there, when you consider the many ways we can relate to the heavenly crystals that fall from the sky and bless our lives with a floating sensation.

Tronkyin means “Last snow”, and was created during our two-week adventure to Thompson Pass, Alaska, and captures our experience of downdays and the rewards we get when everything finally comes together. The film features action from Randy Sherman, AJ Duby, Tommy Frankson, Jon Miller, and Dan Phillips, with music from The Ranges

Good times were had, and friendships were forged in a way that can only happen when living in a motorhome in the mountains… just waiting for the skies to clear.

This was also our first big reveal of the Backcountry United brand, and hopefully sets the tone for the quality of content that our brand will cameo in, in the future.

Watch ‘Tronkyin’ on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/125533066